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We are here to help you simplify communication with our one of kind home intercom systems from the house of reputable brands. Whether you want to answer the phone at your front door with Smartphone or broadcast messages to family members, we’ve got your back with our top wired and wireless intercom products that are here to transform your ideas into reality.

Best part about our intercom systems is that they can be added to your home in seconds and that too on the existing security framework of the premise, while the wireless systems require quick and easy installation. You can either talk or even monitor a number of rooms using advance intercom system for home conveniently.

Gone are those days when had to move till the upstairs to send a message to your kids or get out of the shower only to answer whose at the doorbell, because with the revolutionary video intercom systems from any part of the home in a hassle free manner. Just press a button, record your message and it will be delivered in no time.

Our portfolio of home intercom systems is equipped with advance specifications, allowing you to choose the one that suits the requirements that you have.

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If you are unsure of anything to do with the installation please contact us and we will answer your questions, a quick call before you start can save you a lot of time and expense if you make an error. See use the correct cable below.

Common Errors

Carefully check your wiring and make sure you have followed the installation wiring instructions exactly. Check to make sure you are using the correct voltage and current power supply and that it is turned on and wired the right way. Intercoms are DC powered and do not work if wired with reverse polarity. Now really check your wiring. If you still cannot get the system to function contact us and we will help you sort through the problem. From decades of providing technical support for Aiphone we find the problem is rarely equipment related.

It is to install door stations at the wrong height; video door stations should be installed at 1500mm above finished floor level. Audio door stations should be installed at this height if possible. The exception of course is when a door station is being installed on a vehicle entrance or an entrance used by disabled people in wheel chairs; in this case the door station can be installed lower.

Where they will be facing the sun; this can affect picture quality due to back lighting.

There is no such thing as a cable that does all jobs. Cat5e , Cat6 and security cable can sometimes be used but these are not the ideal cables especially where distance is involved, and security cable should never be used when a colour video or digital system is being installed. Also special consideration when cable is being run underground or in a concrete slab. Always use an underground grade cable in these cases, just because it is in conduit is no guarantee of protection from moisture. Conduits have a habit of filing up with water and if the incorrect type of cable is used you will soon be faced with problems, and a problem that can be very expensive to fix. So make sure you get advice on the correct cable to use for the job, we can help so contact us for the correct cable advice.

Common errors causing connection failure.

  • Make sure the cable supplied with the GHNS and GFNSA is firmly pushed into the RS232 socket on the name scroll module. It can sometimes catch on the side of the display screen so press it in firmly and makes sure it is pressed in all the way.
  • Make sure a straight though RS232 cable is used when connecting to an AX084C or AX248C exchange. Do not use a crossover cable. You will also require a male to male 9 pin cable or use a gender changer as the AX exchanges have a female connection.
  • If programming an AX exchange make sure the correct exchange model is selected in the software before programming.
  • Check your COM port settings on your PC. When using a USB to RS232 converter they will sometimes select a different COM port if they are plugged into a different USB port than the one set up during the installation of their drivers. Either always use the same USB port for the USB o RS232 converter or change the COM port setting for this device by using the control panel in Windows.
  • Make sure you have the correct driver loaded for the USB to RS232 converter as different models require different drivers, consult the documentation supplied with the USB to RS232 converter.
  • Of course you would have checked to make sure the device you are trying to program has power, is turned on and has been correctly wired.
  • The GTNS has a USB port so the above issues will not occur.
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We were extremely impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the level of professionalism displayed and his team at BBG. We presented a novel request which involved adapting and modifying his original automatic door system to one that would fit our confined carport structure. The job was done on time and on budget and we are extremely happy with the end result which continues to get numerous praises from our neighbours and passers-by. We would have no hesitation in recommending Best Brothers Group.

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welcome to bbg, your national partner for automatic door systems.