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We were extremely impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the level of professionalism displayed and his team at BBG. We presented a novel request which involved adapting and modifying his original automatic door system to one that would fit our confined carport structure. The job was done on time and on budget and we are extremely happy with the end result which continues to get numerous praises from our neighbours and passers-by. We would have no hesitation in recommending Best Brothers Group.

Amanda Seyfried
Warehouse Manager, Auto Parts Montreal

Access Control Systems are security devices that have been created to limit access. Beyond traditional security, these systems boast a variety of benefits that are often overlooked. They have embedded technology that has the power to allow or deny access. These systems don’t just apply to the office, they can be used on-site or in the final stages of your building projects. They can ensure your safety is not compromised in any form.

Access control systems grant access through control panels that recognise if access is allowed; this is done through the use of sensors, mobile devices, beepers and swipe cards. There are many types of access control systems including outdoor shutters, car park sensors, swing gates, tyre slashers and many more which you will find listed below.

BBG enables leading installer and security retailers to showcase all different types of access control systems. These systems prove to be a great asset because of their versatility and functionality. They can be tailored to meet individual needs thereby reducing theft and accidents. This online directory has bundled up the top most advanced access control systems for you to keep you ahead of the rest.

Some of them are:

Building Integration Systems (BIS)
Access Professional System
Building Access Control Keypads
Photoelectric Sensors
Sliding Door Operators
Effective Bespoke Solutions

Buildings Access Control Systems

  • This access control system combines some of the important technical systems into one and brings a complete access control to you.
  • The easy-to-use, scalable software for controlling access to small and medium-sized enterprises with high security requirements. It has the capacity to accommodate more. It can be integrated with security functions like CCTV, intrusion & elevator management.
  • For high security, keyless entry delivers affordable functionality and reliability for your building. These systems offer greater security in comparison to the lock and key mechanism.
  • These sensors also known as the photo eye, are used to detect the absence or presence of any object by the use of a transmitter that transmits infrared light/ signal. If there is any obstacle in the light transmission then the alarm goes off. These sensors save efforts, time and money and are quite dependable.
  • These devices used to open and close a sliding or a swing gate. These gate operators can be used to ensure workplace safety as well as safety at your residence during entry or exit. These come with various features to assist you in various situations.
Montreal Access Control

Access control is now an essential component in protecting your facility, maintaining business continuity and ensuring customer safety. An access control system empowers you to swiftly and easily: 

  • Add, modify or delete user access
  • Download audit trails
  • Generate system reports via management software for comprehensive site security reviews

Read more about Access Control here.

Limit critical area access to people with a designated need. Program common areas for unlimited access. Update effortlessly as circumstances change.

Link multiple facility systems to a central server so that you can monitor access points and manage user databases from one location.You can even manage your Access Control system through a web portal.

Technology improvements like smartcard swipe cards, battery powered locksets, wireless networks and even electronic cylinders are just a few of the features that now make access control systems easier and more affordable to install, run, modify and expand.

Every way you look at it, access control gives you power, flexibility and control. Through our expertise we can show how you to get the most from an access control system designed to suit your specific requirements, budget and environment.

Access control now does much more than just determining who goes where. Today’s technology also lets you incorporate Time In Attendance, Loyalty Rewards, Vending and many other applications that you may not have thought possible.

welcome to bbg, your national partner for automatic door systems.